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Pardas Xarel·lo 2018

Pardas Xarel·lo





Alkoholgehalt i


Flaschengrössen und Jahrgang

0,75 L - 2018


/ Fl. 0,75 L (27,20 €/l)

Produktinfo: Pardas Xarel·lo 2018


Alkoholgehalt i


Flaschengrössen und Jahrgang

0,75 L - 2018


  • Optimale Serviertemperatur:10º C


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von: Chris (28.11.2019) - Jahrgang 2016

A great Xarel·lo

Vintage after vintage, Pardas Xarel·lo, now called Pur Xarel·lo, is among the very best wines of this variety. The 2016 vintage fits this picture very well. This is a full-bodied white, and in the vineyard and cellar, Pardas work to bring out the characteristics of the Xarel·lo variety in emblematic fashion. The wine is fresh, has good acidity and the fruit, floral and ineral mix of flavours typical of Xarel·lo. This wine can stand up to fairly flavourful food, but I also like it just on its own. This is also a very good value for money, and it will hold up well for a few years.

von: Ioda31 (5.2.2018) - Jahrgang 2014

Trés bon rapport qualité prix

Tous les convives à la table se sont régalés!!! Je ne connaissais pas bien les vin de Penedès et avec ce vin cela donne envie d'explorer cette partie de l'espagne

von: Chris (13.4.2017) - Jahrgang 2013

Big, bold white full of flavours

The Xarel·lo from Celler Pardas is one of my favourite white wines. It is a strong, bold wine with a lively acidity and layers upon layers of flavours. It is one of the strongest and most characteristic expressions of the Xarel·lo grape. It goes wonderfully with cheese, even with quite strong varieties.

von: Chris (12.3.2017) - Jahrgang 2012

Can stand up to any Chardonnay!

Xarel·lo is Catalonia's confident answer to Chardonnay (think of the northern Chardonnay wines such as Chablis). This is a big white wine, which goes with all sorts of food, even quite strong stuff like some of the local cheeses you can buy on the markets in the region, or whatever you might get at your cheesemonger's at home. The Xarel·lo from Pardas and from Enric Soler are in a league of their own among the Xarel·lo still wines of the Penedès region. This wine is the most affordable of this superb little club. Unlike many other Xarel·lo still wines from the region, there is no residual sugar noticeable in this wine, just lots and lots of aroma and flavour and also a good deal of tannin for a white. So it is an intense and complex experience. It easily holds up for several years in the cellar.

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